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TRIO GLOBETROTTING believes in the transformational potential of education and the rewarding experiences that studying abroad can provide. As a leading study abroad consultant, we are committed to helping and enabling students throughout their academic careers, opening doors to new vistas and unlocking prospects for a brighter future.

Our goal at trio globetrotting is simple: to be a reliable travel partner for students starting their academic journeys overseas. To make the study abroad experience less intimidating for all students, we provide individualised support and knowledgeable guidance. Our mission is to build students' confidence and independence by enabling them to make knowledgeable decisions regarding their education.

Where we stand out

What makes trio globetrotting unique is our continuous dedication to offering students wishing to start their foreign academic journeys the best possible assistance and direction. With a plethora of experience and expertise, our team of seasoned advisors provides knowledgeable advice catered to the individual goals and circumstances of every student. Trio Globetrotting provides access to a broad variety of possibilities for our students through its global network, which encompasses colleges and educational institutions throughout the globe. Acknowledging the uniqueness of every learner, we use a customised strategy, offering specialised guidance and assistance to meet particular requirements and objectives. Trio Globetrotting provides a full range of services, from helping with university selection and applications to advising on visas and pre-departure orientation, guaranteeing a simple and hassle-free experience for each client.

What we stand for

Trio Globetrotting is dedicated to building a community of world citizens with the know-how and abilities needed to prosper in an interconnected society. We think that studying overseas may be a life-changing experience that opens doors to new opportunities and that education is the key to realising one's potential. Trio Globetrotting- Your Key to a New Beginning is the perfect place to start your academic journey! Take a look around, extend your perspective, and start along the path to a better tomorrow.

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